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 OMEGA CARE PLANNING COUNCIL, INC. Successfully Navigating Benefits, Continuum Long Term Care Solutionsand Mental Health Wellness


On September 18, the Veterans Administration (VA) published new regulations regarding VA Pension and surviving spouse benefits. The new rules include a 3 year look back and changes regarding assets and net worth that will go into effect on October 18, 2018. While those who have already qualified will not have to meet the new standards, some of our clients may be impacted with regard to future transfers of property or other assets.  In order to avoid any future penalties or disruption in benefits, PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE AT 919-552-3111 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU ARE AN OMEGA CLIENT RECEIVING VA PENSION AND:                                                              *ARE LIVING AT HOME, OWN YOUR HOME AND WILL SELL OR GIFT YOUR HOME AT ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE (after 10/18/18).                                                                               **HAVE ESTABLISHED A TRUST, BUT YOUR HOME IS CURRENTLY NOT IN THE EXISTING TRUST                                         ***ANTICIPATE ANY FUTURE WINDFALLS, MONEY FROM ANY SOURCE (I.E. GIFTS, INHERITANCE, LIFE INSURANCE PAYOUTS,  ETC.) THAT WOULD RESULT IN A NET WORTH EXCEEDING $120,000.                                                             The new rules will not affect current Omega clients who:              -have made all transfers of money and property into a trust prior to October 18, 2018                                                        -do not own property or assets in excess of the $120,000 threshold                                                                                 -are not anticipating any future receipt of cash from any source (including gifts, inheritance, insurance payouts, etc.) that would cause net worth to exceed $120,000.                        Omega Care Planning Council is working with experts nationwide to provide new and innovative solutions for our current and future clients. New clients are still able to qualify for VA Pension under the current regulations, where there is no penalty for gifts or transferring funds/property into an irrevocable trust, however must have all planning in place prior to October 18, 2018. Thank you for placing your trust in Omega Care Planning Council.


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